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Studeo is a comprehensive online platform tailored to each student’s needs, providing effective academic support through personalized tracking, diverse exercises, and invaluable tips. With individual dashboards, students can monitor progress and target areas for improvement, while parents can stay informed. A plethora of exercises reinforce learning and readiness for assessments, ensuring mastery of concepts. Additionally, Studeo equips learners with pedagogical strategies for efficient study habits, stress management, and exam preparation, fostering holistic academic success.


The current design of the web platform is characterized by outdated aesthetics and an overwhelming amount of elements. Additionally, it suffers from usability issues, making navigation and interaction inconvenient for users. Moreover, the platform’s sales performance is low, failing to effectively convert visitors into customers.


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Our solution integrates modern design, clean interfaces, perfect UI/UX, and strategic CTAs. It’s crafted to enhance e-learning experiences and empower learners in the digital educational landscape.

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Mobile responsive

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Custom icon set

We’ve crafted a collection of charming and appealing icons that seamlessly integrate into the website’s design, adding a unique touch to its overall aesthetic.

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Each UI element is carefully designed to enhance usability, ensuring seamless interaction and improving the overall user experience. We’ve achieved an ideal balance between style and functionality, resulting in a clean interface that fosters focus and clarity.

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