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About Us

Passionate about delivering remakable designs for your brand!

We know that design matters, much more so than many may think. And yet many small or medium businesses do not have access to the design resources they need. In today’s digital world, there are so many areas of design that it has become virtually impossible for one person to master all of them, and for many businesses, it doesn’t make economic sense to have an entire design team on the payroll. Furthermore, with rapidly changing design trends and tools, it has become increasingly more difficult for brands to remain up-to-date, let alone be innovative. That’s what we’re here for, to help level the playing field and make great design accessible!

Our mission is to make market-leading design available to innovative companies that believe in the importance of design without facing the challenges of recruiting a design team. We are committed to hiring only the top 0.5% of talent and incorporating the most innovative tools and ideas into the work that we produce for our clients. We strive to be the one-stop design agency with the ability to deliver outstanding results across all areas of digital design.

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, speed of delivery and the genuine advice we provide throughout the process. We try to be as flexible as possible within your budget and deadlines. And last but not least, we care! 

So if there is something you think we can help with, feel free to book a call, and we will walk you through the rest! And here are some of our team members who you might encounter.

Gor Team Photo
Gor G.
Co-founder and CEO

Typically the person you'll speak to first, who'll guide you throughout the engagement.

Billie Team Photo
Billie A.
Co-founder and Senior Developer

Oversees all WordPress, Webflow, and Shopify creation and maintenance projects.

Kieran Team Photo
Kieran S.
Co-founder and Art Director

Oversees all branding, web and UI/UX design projects.

Egor (2)
George K.
Project Manager
Lily Team Photo
Lily S.
Senior Designer
Narine (2)
Nancy H.
Content Writer
Vika (2)
Veronica M.
Senior Designer
Alina (2)
Alina A.
Senior Designer
Armine (2)
Amy S.
Senior Designer
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Our reviews

Their attention to detail was brilliant with great design innovations where there was room for them.

Hugh Fraser


Their comments and feedback are excellent, and they’ve gone beyond the scope of work. They’ve brought in their point of view and delivered excellent results, which will be the starting point for our company.

Aldo Guiducci


Their project management is outstanding, always making sure that everything’s clear and participating actively in decision-making processes and delivering great work, extremely fast. Their level of creativity is outstanding and inspiring too!

Gregory T

Meukow Cognac

Their creativity and speed were impressive. Passionate Design Agency's ability to transform our ideas into a top-notch product stood out.

Aaron Ganick


They were always quick to respond and proactively offered solutions. Their ability to provide solutions to complex problems sets them apart from other vendors.

Freda L.

Scoop Solar

The quality of their work stands out. Passionate always ensure the work is of the highest quality and delivered in a timely manner.

Qadir Hussain

Primed Pharmacy

Very reliable and dependable with great value. They are super knowledgeable and have helped us re design and migrate an entire marketplace.

Amber Weaver

Type Department

They were very patient with our feedback, which gave a very pleasant process and overall experience.

Cecilie Espensen


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