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Apple Unveils AI-Generated Bitmoji Feature in iOS 18

Apple introduced Bitmoji and Genmoji, a groundbreaking feature at WWDC 2024, powered by Apple Intelligence in iOS 18. This feature allows users to create AI images of messaging contacts, enhancing conversations with personalized AI Bitmojis in sketch, illustration, or animation styles. Genmoji was also announced for creating AI emoji-like images from the Photos library. Image Playground enables custom image creation with themes and accessories. Apple Intelligence integrates across apps, offering personalized functionalities like retrieving files, displaying photos, and playing recommended podcasts. This innovation promises to revolutionize user interactions on iOS devices, providing a seamless and engaging messaging experience.

Microsoft Shuts Down GPT Builder in Copilot After Five Months

In a surprising move, Microsoft announced the closure of its GPT Builder feature in Copilot, a platform for creating customized chatbots. Users will no longer be able to create new GPTs after July 10th, with existing chatbots set to be deleted by July 14th. The GPT Builder, similar to ChatGPT’s version, required a paid subscription. Microsoft cited a shift in focus towards Commercial and Enterprise scenarios as the reason for discontinuing GPT Builder for consumers. While GPTs will still be available for business users, the decision reflects a strategic pivot in Microsoft’s product offerings. The closure raises questions about the feature’s usage, hinting at its limited adoption among users who may prefer alternatives like ChatGPT or OpenAI’s GPT marketplace for specialized needs.

Mistral Secures $640M Funding to Challenge AI Titans in Global Market

Paris-based startup Mistral AI has raised a substantial $640 million in series B funding, led by General Catalyst and supported by key investors like Lightspeed and Andreessen Horowitz. This funding, a significant increase from its initial $113 million seed round in 2023, elevates Mistral’s valuation to nearly $6 billion.

The company plans to use the investment to expand compute capacity, grow its team, and enhance international commercialization efforts to compete with industry leaders like OpenAI and Anthropic. Mistral’s open-source models, such as Mistral 7B and Codestral, have garnered attention for their innovation in coding tasks and language proficiency.

With strategic partnerships and over 27 million downloads from public repositories, Mistral has established itself as a trusted player in the AI market. The company’s collaborative approach and industry alliances, including with Microsoft, position it as a formidable contender in the evolving AI landscape. The generative AI market, projected to reach $1.3 trillion in the next decade, highlights the immense growth potential for companies like Mistral driving innovation in this sector.

Adobe Addresses Terms of Service Concerns, Reassures Users on AI Practices

In response to public outcry over its Terms of Service (ToS), Adobe pledges a new update by next week to address user concerns. The company emphasizes that it does not train generative AI on customer content, reassuring users of their content ownership rights. Adobe’s upcoming ToS update will clarify key points, including content ownership, generative AI practices, product improvement programs, license explanations, and content scanning policies.

The controversy arose from perceived privacy violations in the ToS, prompting Adobe to clarify its stance and commitment to responsible innovation. Chief Product Officer Scott Belsky and Chief Trust Officer Dana Rao reaffirm Adobe’s dedication to transparency and customer trust. The company acknowledges the need for better communication with users and vows to incorporate feedback into future updates.

Adobe’s initiatives extend beyond ToS revisions to protect content creators, with measures like Content Credentials and support for FAIR legislation. The company aims to rebuild trust and maintain its reputation as an ethical innovator in the digital realm. As Adobe engages with its user community, the effectiveness of its efforts to address concerns and uphold user rights remains to be seen.