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Apple’s Siri Gets AI Makeover with Generative Artificial Intelligence

Apple is set to unveil a revamped Siri powered by generative artificial intelligence at its annual developer conference. Adrian Perica, Apple’s VP of corporate development, has led efforts to integrate this technology, striking a deal with OpenAI to enhance Siri’s capabilities. The move marks Apple’s entry into the generative AI market, challenging tech giants like Microsoft and Google. This transformation aims to make Siri more conversational and versatile, offering a new level of interaction for users. While Wall Street investors are intrigued by Apple’s AI venture, questions remain about its practicality for everyday consumers. The introduction of generative AI to iPhones is poised to redefine technology usage for over a billion users, signaling a significant moment for Apple’s innovation journey.

Hugging Face and Pollen Robotics Unveil Open-Source Robot “Reachy2” for Household Chores

Hugging Face and Pollen Robotics introduce “Reachy2,” an open-source humanoid robot trained to perform household chores and interact safely with humans and pets. Remi Cadene, the former Tesla engineer leading the project, showcased Reachy2 in a video, highlighting its advanced capabilities. The robot underwent innovative training, initially tele-operated via VR before learning to autonomously execute tasks through machine learning algorithms. The dataset and model used for training are open-sourced, enabling others to replicate the process on smaller robots. This move towards open-source robotics AI signifies a shift in the industry, offering cutting-edge technology for free. The strategic partnership between Hugging Face and Pollen Robotics leverages their expertise in humanoid robots and end-to-end training software, driving advancements in accessible and open-source robotics technology. Pollen Robotics’ commitment to ethical practices and accessibility ensures that their products, like Reachy 2, revolutionize human-robot interaction while remaining environmentally conscious and affordable.

Microsoft Enhances Privacy Measures for AI Recall Feature Amid Security Concerns

Microsoft responds to privacy concerns by revamping its AI-powered Recall feature on Copilot+ PCs. Following backlash from security experts, the company announces changes to make Recall opt-in, require biometric authentication, and implement double encryption. The move aims to address potential privacy risks and enhance user control over data collection. Critics commend Microsoft’s swift action, while some users express disappointment over the changes. The tech community awaits the feature’s public release on June 18 and Microsoft’s commitment to thorough security testing to ensure user trust in AI innovations.

Browserbase Launches Headless Browser Platform for AI-Powered Web Automation

San Francisco-based startup Browserbase unveils a platform enabling developers to automate web tasks using AI and headless browser technology. The company raises $6.5 million in seed funding led by Kleiner Perkins, aiming to revolutionize web automation. Founded by Paul Klein, Browserbase addresses the pain points of headless browser infrastructure, offering a programmable browser platform with advanced features like session recording and bot detection avoidance. The platform targets enterprise developers seeking to automate internal applications with on-premise deployment options. Browserbase offers flexible pricing tiers and self-serve access, empowering developers to streamline workflows securely. With a focus on in-person collaboration, Browserbase plans to expand its engineering team and enhance product development to become a cornerstone of AI applications. Launches Accent Softening Model to Transform Call Center Industry, led by CEO Ofer Ronen and CTO James Fan, introduces a zero-shot accent softening model for call center agents, revolutionizing communication. With recent funding of $10 million and additional investment from Cardumen Capital, Recursive Ventures, and Gainangels, totaling over $12 million, aims to enhance customer experience and build trust. The AI-powered solution addresses offshore call centers’ challenges and offers frictionless onboarding with zero-shot learning capabilities. While improving performance metrics, prioritizes cultural sensitivity and ethical considerations, providing customizable accent softening levels. Positioned to tap into the growing global call center market,’s innovation could reshape the industry by bridging communication gaps and enhancing customer satisfaction.