Cover Photo Major News from Discord, Microsoft's Copilot, Telegram, Mistral, OpenAI and Vox Media

Discord’s Viggle Revolutionizing AI-Generated Entertainment

Discord is now a hotspot for the AI boom, with Viggle leading the charge. Viggle’s Discord server has exploded from a few thousand to over 3 million members, surpassing popular game servers. Users upload videos and photos for Viggle to create entertaining AI-generated content. The Lil Yachty meme boosted Viggle’s popularity, showcasing its controllable video generation model. Discord’s support aids Viggle’s growth, but challenges in content moderation persist. The humorous yet slightly off AI videos add charm to Viggle’s creations, blurring reality. As Viggle thrives on Discord, the platform’s scalability and compliance are crucial for sustaining innovation in AI entertainment.

Microsoft’s Copilot: Now Available on Telegram

Microsoft’s Copilot, a powerful generative AI tool for text generation and answering questions, has made its way to Telegram as an in-app chatbot. In beta phase, Copilot for Telegram allows users to engage in natural conversations with the AI chatbot, seeking answers to a wide range of queries from movie recommendations to sports updates. The service is free and accessible on mobile devices and desktop, albeit requiring users’ phone numbers. Microsoft has integrated Copilot into various products like Microsoft 365, Teams, and Copilot+ PCs, indicating a broader strategy to expand its AI chatbot presence across different platforms. This move aligns with the trend of companies like Meta and Google integrating AI chatbots into their messaging services, showcasing a growing interest in leveraging AI technology for enhanced user experiences in social apps. 

Mistral Unveils Codestral: A New Generative AI Model for Coding

French AI startup Mistral, backed by Microsoft and valued at $6 billion, debuts Codestral, a generative AI model for coding. Codestral supports developers in writing and interacting with code across 80+ programming languages like Python and Java. Despite licensing restrictions on commercial use, Codestral’s 22 billion parameters demand robust computing resources. While gaining traction in the developer community, concerns arise over the potential for errors and security risks with generative AI tools. Mistral introduces Codestral on its Le Chat platform and paid API, aiming to integrate it into various development environments. The launch of Codestral underscores the growing trend of AI-driven coding assistance, sparking discussions on the reliability and impact of such tools in software development.

OpenAI Collaborates with The Atlantic and Vox Media to Enhance ChatGPT with Licensed Content

OpenAI has partnered with prominent publishers The Atlantic and Vox Media, owner of The Verge and other titles, to license content for its ChatGPT chatbot. This collaboration enables OpenAI to access content for training its language and multimedia models. Previous deals with publishers like News Corp. have set a precedent for such partnerships, with financial terms undisclosed. Despite concerns from some journalists, the trend of AI-driven content partnerships is on the rise. Vox Media’s President emphasized the importance of AI tools in enhancing audience engagement and editorial differentiation, while emphasizing the protection of intellectual property and the value of original content. The partnership aims to benefit both parties by expanding visibility, protecting IP, and fostering innovation in content development.