Cover Photo Major News from Perplexity AI, OneScreen AI, Anthropic's Claude and Maven AGI

Perplexity AI Introduces Shareable Pages Feature for Enhanced Search Experience

Perplexity AI unveils a new feature, Perplexity Pages, allowing users to transform their search queries into visually appealing and shareable web pages. Users can create detailed articles by entering prompts and selecting audience types. The tool generates structured content with customizable sections, media items, and the option to share links with others. Perplexity aims to enhance research capabilities in a more presentable format, emphasizing user curation over AI content generation. The feature is currently available to a limited user group, with plans for a wider rollout in the future. Revolutionizes Startup Advertising with Billboards and NYC Subway Ads, led by CEO Alex Ewing, facilitates startup advertising on billboards and NYC’s subway through software-enabled matchmaking between startups and out-of-home (OOH) advertising spaces. The company leverages demographic data and location tracking to optimize ad placement and measure campaign success. With a $4.7 million funding and tripled revenue in 2023, taps into the resurgence of OOH marketing, offering a creative alternative to digital ads. B2B companies like Ramp are turning to OOH ads for brand recognition amid challenges in digital marketing ROI. Despite tracking limitations, OOH ads aim to enhance brand visibility and engagement, targeting specific audiences effectively.

Anthropic’s Claude AI Empowers Businesses with Autonomous Tool Interaction

Anthropic introduces Tool Use for its AI assistant, Claude, enabling autonomous interaction with external data sources and tools. This feature, available across the Claude 3 model family, revolutionizes AI adoption in business processes, offering automation, personalized recommendations, and streamlined data analysis. Real-world success stories in education, finance, and data extraction highlight the transformative impact of Tool Use. Anthropic prioritizes security and data privacy, ensuring rigorous testing and real-time monitoring for AI vulnerabilities. The intuitive implementation of Tool Use caters to developers of all skill levels, emphasizing a partnership between humans and AI for enhanced productivity. The general availability of Tool Use signifies Anthropic’s leadership in enterprise AI, paving the way for AI-driven efficiencies and advancements across industries.

Maven AGI Secures $28M Funding for AI-Powered Customer Support Revolution

Maven AGI, led by CEO Jonathan Corbin, raises $28 million in funding and emerges from stealth mode to transform enterprise customer support with generative AI. The Series A round, led by M13 and backed by Lux Capital and E14 Fund, aims to revolutionize the $460 billion customer support industry. Maven AGI’s AI agents deliver personalized customer experiences, autonomously resolving inquiries and reducing support costs significantly for early adopters like Tripadvisor and HubSpot. The platform’s proprietary enterprise search engine ensures high accuracy and personalized responses, setting it apart from competitors. Maven AGI prioritizes seamless integration with enterprise systems, data privacy, and GDPR compliance. Rapid deployment and expansion into diverse business functions are key focus areas for Maven AGI, aiming to develop AI systems with human-level comprehension across various business functions. With plans to expand its engineering and partnership teams, Maven AGI is set to lead the transformation of customer support through generative AI, offering innovative solutions to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations in the enterprise sector.