Cover Photo Major News from Wix, eBay, Asana, ClickUp, Stability AI and Cartwheel

Wix Introduces AI-Powered App Builder for Simplified Mobile App Development

Wix launches a generative AI tool enabling users to create iOS and Android apps by describing preferences in plain English. The AI feature, part of Wix’s app builder tool, generates fully native app code for $99/month. Users can customize branding, layout, and features, previewing before submission to app stores. Despite concerns about AI-generated products, Wix aims to streamline app development and enhance user experience. While potential mistakes are acknowledged, Wix emphasizes continuous improvement and robust security measures. The tool’s impact on app developers is debated, with Wix positioning it as an alternative rather than a replacement for professional developers.

eBay Introduces AI-Powered Background Tool for Enhanced Product Images

eBay launches an AI feature enabling sellers to replace image backgrounds with AI-generated backdrops. Initially available for iOS users in the U.S., U.K., and Germany, the tool will expand to Android users gradually. This move follows Amazon and Google’s similar tools, empowering sellers to enhance product images effortlessly. The AI tool aims to assist sellers in creating professional-looking photos and improving listing quality. Powered by the open source model Stable Diffusion, eBay’s latest AI initiative builds on previous AI features introduced by the company last year.

Asana Introduces ‘AI Teammates’ for Enhanced Workflow Collaboration

Asana launches a beta of ‘AI teammates’ to revolutionize work processes by integrating AI alongside human employees. Head of AI Paige Costello highlights the importance of humans collaborating with AI in the future of work. The tool aims to provide transparency and structure, enabling businesses to create customized assistants for workflow optimization. Leveraging Asana’s work graph data, the AI teammates assist in evaluating work progress and directing tasks efficiently. While emphasizing human oversight, Asana aims to streamline workflows and reduce administrative tasks through intelligent AI integration.

ClickUp Introduces AI-Powered Knowledge Base to Compete with Notion and Confluence

ClickUp, a popular productivity tool, launches “ClickUp Knowledge Management” integrating a wiki-like editor with AI to aggregate data from various sources like Google Drive and Confluence. CEO Zeb Evans emphasizes the need for a central repository for knowledge management. The system combines features of Notion, Confluence, and Glean, offering prebuilt templates for document creation and task automation. ClickUp’s AI system considers user permissions and employs retrieval augmented generation (RAG) for enhanced information retrieval. The focus is on reducing redundant work and streamlining workflows.

Stability AI Launches Open Source Sound Generator

Stability AI debuts Stable Audio Open, an AI model for sound generation trained on royalty-free recordings. The model creates recordings up to 47 seconds based on text descriptions and 486,000 samples from FreeSound and Free Music Archive.

Users can generate drum beats, instrument riffs, and more for videos using Stable Audio Open. Customization is possible with personal audio data. However, the model has limitations, unable to produce full songs or vocals effectively. Commercial use is prohibited, and performance varies across musical styles and languages.

Stability AI faces controversy over copyright issues, leading to the resignation of VP Ed Newton-Rex. The release of Stable Audio Open aims to address concerns while promoting paid services. As AI music generators rise in popularity, copyright issues are under scrutiny, with Sony Music warning against unauthorized content use. Tennessee passed the first law targeting AI music abuses in March.

Cartwheel Revolutionizes 3D Animation Creation with AI

Cartwheel, led by co-founder Jonathan Jarvis, launches a groundbreaking AI model for effortless 3D animation creation. The tool simplifies basic movements like walking or swatting a fly, enabling animators to focus on creative tasks. By inputting text descriptions, users can swiftly generate fluid animations, exportable to any 3D editing suite.

The interface is user-friendly, with a character and text box for input. The model, developed by co-founder Andrew Carr, utilizes ethically sourced data and motion-language pairs for training. Results are nearly 80% complete, offering professional-level animations in minutes. The tool’s efficiency surpasses traditional workflows, facilitating collaboration and quick adjustments.

Cartwheel’s compact models are cost-effective and adaptable to various hardware. Future plans include real-time rendering and expanded character options. The startup secures $5.6 million seed funding from prominent investors, positioning itself as a valuable tool for animators. As AI tools enhance creativity in the industry, Cartwheel aims to empower artists and studios with innovative animation solutions.