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August 13, 2021
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At Passionate, we help businesses excel online through outstanding digital products. We’re a full-service digital agency that provides design, development, marketing, hosting, and branding solutions. We work with SMEs and brick-and-mortar stores to attract audiences, drive engagement, and generate revenue. Just in the past two years, our team completed over 1,000 projects with a 100% success rate! Our focus on technology and design allows us to create websites that convert, logos that are remembered, and ads that get clicks. We consider our clients’ success as our own — as such, we engage in all our projects with the passion to win!

We recently joined Clutch, a leading B2B research company based in Washington, DC. Clutch aims to help business owners and managers find the best B2B service providers for their business needs. Their team of analysts collects detailed and unbiased reviews from clients about their engagement with a service provider. Clutch also creates lists of market leaders by industry and location based on their expertise and ability to deliver. They cover diverse industries, such as IT, advertising, and marketing.

We’re happy to announce that we’ve received our very first review on Clutch! 

The review came from a biotech company. We supported their team by providing website hosting and development. First, we had detailed discussions with the client about their specifications and needs. After finalizing the design, we proceeded with the development. We collaborated closely with the client throughout the process, and we implemented amendments as requested. To streamline communications, we assigned a dedicated project manager to the client.

The client is satisfied with our ongoing partnership. Hear it from the biotech company’s business development analyst:

“I’ve been working with them for 2 years now, and I have never been disappointed. They reply and work pretty fast and deliver the work always in a top-quality manner. They can help you with web designing from scratch or just web development and hosting. Very reliable and dependable with great value for the price. Highly recommended!”

With that, the client rated us for our work quality, scheduling, cost-effectiveness, referability, and their overall experience working with our team. Due to the success of our partnership, the client gave us perfect five-star ratings across all metrics!

Incidentally, Clutch’s sister company, The Manifest, has recognized our efforts and named us a Top App Developer for CRM Apps for 2021!  The Manifest is a B2B research website that evaluates firms, lists company profiles, and provides business tips to give businesses the necessary information to connect with the perfect agency for their needs. We’re proud to be featured on the Manifest as a leading agency!

We thank our client for providing our very first review on Clutch! We appreciate their effort and honesty in conducting the review. Moreover, their positive feedback affirms our commitment to top-quality website development, and it validates our focus on customer service. 

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About Passionate

Passionate is a full service digital agency specializing in providing design, development, marketing and hosting solutions for startups, SMEs and brick & mortar stores.

At Passionate we pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, speed of delivery and the genuine advice we provide throughout the process! Thanks to the broad set of expertise of our senior experts we are able to plan and work on multiple aspects of your project simultaneously optimizing the overall timeline and cost. 

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How much revenue can your website generate?

Before jumping into a website redesign, its best to go in with a clear idea of your return on investment.


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How much revenue can your website generate?

Before jumping into a website redesign, its best to go in with a clear idea of your return on investment.