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About WolfPak

WolfPak is an app that allows users to learn effective leadership strategies. Their goal is to democratize leadership training to a new generation of leaders, ensuring it is accessible for anyone to learn.

The challenge

In general, we found there is a lack of quality information on leadership skills. From our user interviews, we found that people were very unsure of where to start, and don’t have enough time to dedicate to a new training course. 

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top course websites
What are the top course websites/apps you like and why?
How would you rate your ability to influence those around you?
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constructive criticism
How would you rate your ability to give constructive criticism to achieve your desired outcomes?
Why do you want to develop leadership skills? What will it help you achieve?
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User interviews

We wanted to create an interface that allows users to find suitable coaches quickly and efficiently. We also wanted to create an accessible, easy-to-get-started atmosphere, to make the large courses seem less intimidating to potential users.

The goals

Overcome the fears

Overcome the fears about
learning leadership

leadership strategies passionates

Formulate and implement
effective leadership strategies

Find a coach passionates

Find a coach anytime,

Coach booking flow

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Hi-Fi wireframes

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Colors & typography

Colors & typography
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Get started!

When users open the app for the first time they are given a choice of topics that interest them from the beginning. Leadership is a broad field, so this helps narrow down topics that are most relevant to the user.

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After choosing topics, they are taken to the registration screen. We kept registration simple, with minimal fields and the ability to register in one click with other social accounts.
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For the main dashboard, the first screen features trending courses, main topics, available coaches and other videos and podcasts to give the user an instant overview of the app. For ease of navigation, a search bar and filter can be found at the top.


The search, or “Library”, allows users to quickly find what they need through a search by tags, filters, main topics and keywords. 

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WolfPak passionates


For the coaches, detailed information such as qualifications, specialisation, reviews and price is available. Before committing to any payment, users can instantly message potential coaches or book a consultation to discover if the coach matches their needs.

Other screens

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