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Marketing ROI analytics

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Analyse your digital marketing campaigns against CRM data

Nymble enables marketing teams to reach their goals by optimally investing marketing resources across channels and activities, and quickly adapting to market shifts.

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Reach your marketing goals

Nymble helps you report on important Marketing KPI’s such as Cost per Lead, Opportunity & ROI of Campaigns, through integration with  Google Ads & Salesforce.

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The main company logo is a font-based wordmark with a custom icon. The wordmark emphasises Nymble’s succinct and catchy name, emphasising the modern look of the logo. The geometric icon is a combinaion of analytics graphs combined with Nymble’s initial. The icon has a subtle 3D effect though use of gradients.


Vertical version of the logo can be used accordingly. There is also a white and grey version for use on a dark background.

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Bright and bold colours support Nymble’s modern appearance. Logo guidelines ensure cohesiveness across all applications. Brand icons were created to emphasise and support Nymble’s messaging. A primary and secondary palette are included to cover all potential requirements.

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An animated product demo in the hero section clearly conveys the value users can get from using Nymble. There is one clear CTA prompting users to schedule a free demo. The rest of the page demonstrates all of Nymble’s features.

Nymble Website Main page
Nymble Website Main page
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The application itself allows users to view all their ongoing campaigns and associated data such as acquisition cost, opportunity & ROI of campaigns and total spend.

Nymble Website Main page



We began the process of designing their application with a wireframing stage to identify the most important elements to include on their dashboard. For example, an important consideration is for users to be able to easily connect their various analytics accounts to Nymble, as well as the structure and hierachy of all reports and stats.


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Dark UI

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All icons follow the same 24x24px grid with rounded corners and flat ends.

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Colors & typography

Bright and bold colours support Nymble’s modern appearance.

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