Mascot / Illustration design

Get a creative illustration that reflects your brand's unique vision!

  • Up to 2 black and white unique concept sketches
  • Up to 2 coloured variations for the chosen concept
  • Up to 2 rounds of revisions for the chosen colour concept
  • Available for print or for digital distribution (lightweight pdf)
  • Fully editable source file (Figma, Illustrator or Indesign)

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What we need to get started
  • Any initial draft ideas, descriptions or sketches (if available) of what the illustration should incorporate and express
  • Any illustrations that you have seen that you liked, or any particular style preferences that you may have
  • The intended primary uses for the illustration
  • Approved brandbook or branding guidelines (if available)
Mascot product cover
Not sure about the options?
Mascot / Illustration design